Following Tesla and Elon Musk Makes Physics Come Alive – First Principles

I have always loved nature, numbers, facts, research, law, and the fundamental truths that go along with all of those. Obviously, my current interest in all things Elon Musk has fit right into all of those interests, but there is more to the story.

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Sunday Morning – Can we talk about facts, physics, truth, law?
Sunday Afternoon – “Monday Morning” Tesla and Financial expectations for the week ahead
Monday Morning – After the Bell
Monday Mid Day – Brian White
Monday Afternoon – Good News Monday with Larry Goldberg
Tuesday Morning – After the Bell
Tuesday Mid Day – Brian White
Tuesday Afternoon – Good News Tuesday with Nicholas Gibbs
Wednesday Morning – After the Bell
Wednesday Mid Day – Scott Walter
Wednesday Afternoon- Good News Wednesday with Jeff Lutz
Thursday Morning – After the Bell
Thursday Mid Day – Cern Basher
Thursday Afternoon – Good News Thursday with Bradford Ferguson
Friday Morning – After the Bell
Friday Mid Day –
Friday Afternoon – Good News Friday with Larry Goldberg
Saturday Morning –
Saturday Mid Day –
Saturday Afternoon – Tesla News

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We have two goals on this channel. Provide useful information about Elon Musk and his related businesses and provide some context to the Tesla stock story as it relates to the economy, the macro, the fundamentals, and the technicals.

I have written 10 books about small business, several of which are currently available on Amazon, including two Amazon Best Sellers about Elon Musk.

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